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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators

Board of Licensure for Private Investigators
Private Investigators Examination

  • New Examination
  • Increases in Test Fees
  • Scaled Scoring Process

New Private Investigator Examination
The Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators has contracted with Schroeder Measurement Technologies Inc. to develop a new exam that licensees must pass in order to become certified as private investigators. The exam composition and content outline has been updated to correspond with the new exam.

Test Fee
The new test fee will be $156 per candidate.

Scoring Reporting
As of April 6, 2009, the Kentucky Private Investigator Examination test scores are reported as a scaled score rather than a raw score (actual number of questions answered correctly).  The reporting scale ranges from 150 to 300.  The minimum scaled passing score will be set at 260.  A candidate who achieves a scaled score at or above 260 on an examination will pass the examination, while a candidate who scores below 260 will fail the examination. Diagnostic information will be provided to all candidates so that they can see areas of strength and weakness.

Each examination is constructed to meet the content requirements described in the corresponding content outline.  Each test form uses different questions; and therefore, may vary slightly in difficulty.  As always, a candidate's score will be based on the number of questions answered correctly, but the raw score will be converted to and reported as a scaled score.

Proper psychometric procedures are employed to make certain that form difficulty is taken into account and that no candidate is at an advantage or disadvantage.  To prevent candidates who took a less difficult form of the examination from having an unwarranted advantage over those who took a slightly more difficult form, raw scores are converted to scaled scores that represent comparable levels of achievement.