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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators

Board of Licensure for Private Investigators
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 329A.010 Definitions for KRS 329A.010 to 329A.090.
KRS 329A.015 License required to hold self out as private investigator -- Criminal background check.
KRS 329A.020 Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators -- Members -- Appointment -- Vacancies -- Reimbursement -- Meetings -- Removal of members -- Liability insurance.
KRS 329A.025 Duties and powers of board.
KRS 329A.030 Revolving fund.
KRS 329A.035 Applications for licenses -- Requirements -- Confidentiality.
KRS 329A.040 Board's duties upon receipt of application -- Approval -- License and identification card -- Individual license.
KRS 329A.045 Renewal -- Fee -- Grace period -- Termination and reinstatement -- Revocation -- Evidence of continuing education -- Inactive status.
KRS 329A.050 Change of ownership -- Agent who ceases to perform duties.
KRS 329A.055 Prohibited acts.
KRS 329A.060 Investigation of licensee wrongdoing -- Hearing -- Admonishment.
KRS 329A.065 Disciplinary actions -- Civil penalty -- Permanent file -- Assurance of voluntary compliance -- Appeal.
KRS 329A.070 Scope of KRS 329A.010 to 329A.090.
KRS 329A.075 Notification of board.
KRS 329A.080 Penalty for violation of KRS 329A.015.
KRS 329A.085 Legislative intention to occupy field.
KRS 329A.090 Short title for KRS 329A.010 to 329A.090.
KRS 329A.095 Licensure and certification for private investigators conducting fire or arson investigations.